Don’t Underestimate Makeup and Clothing in Job Interviews

Today there was an interesting thing when I passed one of the companies on my way to work. There were many clothing manufacturers job applicants waiting in line at the company gates wearing typical job seeker clothes using white shirts and black trousers.

This reminds me of when I was a job seeker or when recruiting new employees.

Innately low-impact': ChloƩ brings eco-chic to Paris fashion week | Paris  fashion week | The Guardian

I’m actually interested in discussing how important the makeup and clothing of job seekers when entering the job interview period is.

I believe that the interview session is very decisive during the recruitment process. Not infrequently this session aborts many candidates or even becomes the final session to determine the candidate chosen by the company.

During my experience as an interviewer, it is not uncommon for job applicants to underestimate their appearance during the interview selection stage.

There are questions in your heart when you see the appearance of job applicants, especially those who seem unprepared when invited for an interview.

Do they really care about their appearance everyday?
Do they wake up late so they are not optimal in appearance?
Are they just fad to join the job selection?
Do they not understand how to make a good impression on the first meeting?

I had time to ask my HRD colleagues how they viewed the candidate’s make-up and interview appearance.

Will it affect their judgment during the interview?

I am interested in a colleague’s answer, an interview invitation is like going to the prospective in-laws’ house. Of course we will try to show our best, such as choosing clothes that are considered good, using perfume, makeup and supporting accessories, even if we can bring something for the prospective in-laws.

The goal is that the prospective in-laws’ assessment of us is in the good category, giving a deep impression or even being accepted as a prospective son-in-law.

Like the interview process, we hope to meet a candidate who is well prepared or well prepared to attract attention and create the impression that he or she is the candidate the company is looking for.

What do applicants need to pay attention to in order to maximize their appearance?

Dress Up But Don’t Overdo It (Menor)

For women, dressing up seems to be a must because they want to look beautiful and attractive.

Indeed, there are professions that expect candidates to look beautiful and attractive, such as SPG, Customer Service, Receptionist, Presenter, MC, Stewardess and Bank Teller.

I suggest that if you want to look attractive, you should use appropriate makeup or even candidates can ask friends or family for their opinion whether the makeup is appropriate or attractive.

If possible, you can also learn through the internet or YouTube. There are plenty of YouTube channels that provide tutorials on how to make the right makeup for applying for jobs.

I once had experience when I wanted to interview candidates for admin positions. There is one candidate that stands out from the others.

I really don’t understand how or what kind of women’s make up. However, I judged the candidate’s make-up to be excessive. Her face looks so thick with powder that causes the color of her makeup to be different from the skin color of her body and hands.

For me there is a position that does not need to use excessive makeup. I actually like candidates who have simple make-up but can emit a positive, enthusiastic, and smart aura.

If the candidate’s goal is make-up to attract attention. Congratulations, the candidate’s goal was successful. However, it will be awkward when the interview session turns out that the candidate does not know much about the position being applied for.

Use the Right Accessories

I had another experience when I interviewed candidates for distribution. There are young candidates who seem to have just graduated 1-2 years of college. The thing that caught my attention was the accessories used.

He uses magnetic earrings in his ears and uses bracelet accessories. I realized that there is a saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

In fact, the interviewer is just an ordinary person who still uses the side of subjectivity, instinct and experience.

If Kompasiana’s friend in my position gets a candidate with that appearance? What will be done?

For some reason, accessories during the interview should also be considered. This is because the first impression will make its own judgment for others.

Female candidates also often use inappropriate accessories such as large earrings, hair bands, necklaces with knick-knacks and so on.

There is a separate assessment if I meet a candidate who uses accessories that do not fit. Assessments such as immature, like freedom, expressiveness, and want to be different.

It’s best to watch other candidates or watch shows where people come to interview sessions.
Accessories that should be used such as watches, belts, ties for men who need a formal appearance, shoes that match clothes and so on.

Use the Right Perfume

There is nothing wrong with candidates also paying attention to their own fragrance. The thing that I hate the most when interviewing candidates is realizing that the candidate has a strong body odor and does not use perfume.

Honestly this would be a bad record for the suitor. Try spending a little money to buy the right perfume during the interview.

I emphasize the right scent perfume which means it is not too strong on the nose or the scent is not fresh. Usually this is often done by female candidates.

Most of the perfumes used by women have a strong scent, even people who are 4 meters away can smell it.

Imagine when the interview session is in a closed room and the distance between the interviewer and the candidate is less than 2 meters. This atmosphere will be so torturous and not infrequently the interviewer wants to end the interview process with the candidate.
The smell of perfume will be very disturbing. I suggest using a soft and fresh scent. This will make the interview process more comfortable.

Don’t Stick To Black White Clothes

For some reason, when there was an interview invitation, many candidates wore white shirts and black cloth bottoms. This outfit seems to have become a benchmark during the interview process.

If the company only writes wearing clean clothes or does not include special types of clothing during the interview. I suggest avoiding black and white clothes.

The special reason is because it is not uncommon when wearing black and white clothes that the candidate’s assessment appears as a fresh graduate.

Usually, if the person already has experience, they will choose to wear clothes that are more representative of themselves.

In fact, when I come to the interview process, I prefer to wear blue or beige shirts. Wearing bright clothes seems to exude an aura of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

The interview session seems to be a sacred moment for job seekers. However, it is not uncommon to find candidates who are indifferent to their appearance or are less than optimal in interviews.

It is unfortunate if this trivial thing actually makes the interviewer not glance at the candidate. Candidates should be able to pay attention to everything, especially makeup and how to dress during the interview selection.

Some of the things above can be used as a reference to improve yourself. If you have other input, Kompasiana friends, please share in the comments column so that it can be more complete.