7 Characteristics of Scandinavian Home Interiors that Are Enchanting and Inspirational


Scandinavian interior design offers simplicity, combined with a modern, minimalist, and more functional look. It’s one of the best in the world. Become a distinctive and iconic interior design concept that is liked by many people.

Scandinavian home interior design styles and concepts or Nordic style are part of the development of the interior design movement in the 1950s. Best arcades appreciate and appreciate and incorporate elements from various crafts or crafts, without reducing the elegant appearance of the room.

Many designers and interior stylists recommend this Scandinavian interior, especially for small-sized houses that are present following the development and urban lifestyle as it is today.
Nordic design style is like a talisman, how it can change the appearance of houses and apartments, or even commercial spaces can have an aesthetic and artistic appearance, as well as simplicity combined with maximum functionality, and extra comfort.

Scandinavian style house design has a characteristic that is very easy to recognize.
If you want a room or even an entire room in your home or apartment to have a distinctive Scandi appearance, understand some of these amazing and inspiring Nordic design traits.

Scandinavian Home Interior Features #1: Lighting

Lighting or lighting is one of the key elements in Scandinavian design.

The situation and natural conditions of the Nordic region force the room to have maximum light sources. Especially in winter, which causes only about 7 hours of direct sunlight in the Nordic region.

Chandeliers, to lighting using candles, get the perfect artistic touch and look very iconic in Scandinavian design.

That is why, the lighting model in the Scandinavian interior is considered one of the most essential key elements. How to make maximum lighting without reducing the aesthetic values of the design. Thus created a variety of unique design and decoration ideas, and make it very distinctive.

Scandinavian Home Interior Features #2: Appearance and Function

Scandinavian furniture has a characteristic appearance that is very simple and simple.
Sofas and chairs, as well as tables look a little bit of a modern mid-century look. Combined with innovations that prioritize function, Scandinavian interiors really offer practical solutions and are very visually appealing.

Scandinavian Home Interior Design Features #3: Flooring

Another distinctive feature in the interior of a Scandinavian house is the floor decoration that is not adventurous.

Wooden floors with natural colors or using more white colors are a sign that the design and coloring accents on the floor, in addition to getting lighting in the entire room, makes it look wider, and serves to warm the room in winter.

Wood is a warm and comfortable flooring material.

Scandinavian Home Interior Features #4: Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are useful for getting a natural impression in a dominant display of neutral colors. Makes the room look fresh and refreshing.

Scandinavian Home Design Traits #5: Neutral Colors

Neutral colors provide the perfect backdrop for artistic decorations.

As mentioned earlier, a typical Scandinavian design is the use of neutral colors that are dominant and become the main color scheme of the interior and exterior. This choice of paint color creates the impression of a clean, tidy, and spacious atmosphere.

Neutral colors also provide the perfect backdrop for artistic decorations.

Characteristics of Scandinavian Home Interiors #6: Well Organized

A characteristic that is always visible in the interior of a Scandinavian home is the use of cabinets and shelves for various storages.

Scandinavian interior design doesn’t require a lot of stuff, or that makes it cramped and looks disorganized. It is very well organized by getting rid of items that do not have maximum function and are considered to only burden the capacity of the room.

Scandi’s design intent is the “less is more” philosophy.

Scandinavian Home Interior Characteristic #7: Warming Fabrics

Warming fabrics become mandatory accessories and decorations due to very cold climatic conditions.

Another characteristic of Scandinavian interiors is the use of warm fabrics, such as fleece, thick cotton, and sofa cushions. They serve as a heater, and become a mandatory accessory due to the extremely cold climatic conditions.

In addition, the presence of fabrics also provides an interesting touch and pattern to the entire design layer. The atmosphere that seemed warm and comfortable was given.